Car Repair

Car Repairs/Servicing

When the part doesnít meet any of these three rules:

If it has only been fitted a couple of weeks or you havenít had a reasonable opportunity to check it, you are probably entitled to a refund for a fault, or a misdescription or alternatively you may request a replacement.

If the fault is only minor and can easily be put right it is reasonable to accept a repair. This wonít stop you claiming a replacement or refund if the repair turns out to be unsatisfactory.

If the parts have been fitted for longer than a couple of weeks or you have had a reasonable opportunity to check it, you are probably still entitled to a repair or replacement. A repair should be carried out within a reasonable period of time and without causing you significant inconvenience. If this does not happen you are entitled to a replacement or compensation. This could be a sum of money or the cost of getting somebody else to complete the job.

If the part cannot be replaced or repaired economically you are entitled to a refund. The trader may make a reduction from the price you paid to allow for wear and tear. Remember, if you are entitled to a refund, replacement, a repair or compensation it is the trader who must sort out your problem. The trader cannot tell you to go back to the manufacturer.


If the trader has carried out extra work without your permission, you donít have to accept it.
So, you can either:
Accept the extra work was necessary and the extra cost reasonable;


Ask the trader to remove or undo the extra work where this is possible;


Negotiate a more reasonable price or an acceptable solution.

Your rights cannot be taken away by anything written into a notice, receipt, warranty or guarantee.
Fair wear and tear is not a fault.

You still have your rights where reconditioned or secondhand parts are fitted, but these parts canít be expected to last as long as new ones. If your car is off the road due to faulty repairs or servicing, you may be entitled to a loan car or the cost of a hire car. These rights also cover motor bikes, vans or caravans.

MOT Test

All work carried out from a garage should pass an MOT test. The MOT is an important test that monitors the safety of the vehicle for all road users not just the vehicle. The MOT has to be completed each year after the 3rd year of manufacturer.